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Product Line
Ink wheel code printer(supporting the use of type)
A ribbon coding(supporting the use of type)
  ·Ribbon pneumatic type coder
The Tape printer(used alone)
Marked coder
Indentation coder
Shrink Packing Machine
Vacuum packaging machine
Pad Printer
  ·Electric Pad Printer
  ·Pneumatic Pad Printer
  ·Manual pad printer
Sealing machine
  ·Electric continuous sealing machine
  ·Foot Sealer
Filling Machine
  ·Bulls continuous filling machine
  ·Vertical Filling Machine
  ·Horizontal filling machine
Company Introduction  

Wenzhou DingshengPackaging Equipment Co. Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise specialized in the development,manufacturing,distribution and sevices of packaging machinery.Such as ATL automaic labeling machine,BMB coding machine,shrink sleeve auto-machinery.high speed multi-line counting machine,filling machine etc.for more than twenty years.We have gained several special design patents and develped products characerized by novel design.compact size,perfect appearance,high quality and excellent perfonmance.
Our factory has strong technological force,Guided by the market managementconcept of"strive for the survival by the quality and develop people-orientedtechnology" We consistently develop new products to meet marketdemand.Dingshengpeople develop on the foundation of the spirit of active exploitation,hardworking and unity and solidarity.Dingsheng people develop depending on thehigh-quality products,stable property and reasonable price.we always insistthat the interest of the customers comes above everything else.Scientific andrational design, high-precision assembly, each device is the pass rate of 100%quality guarantee.
We took the lead in fetching the new foreign technology , and successfullydeveloped and manufactured the advanced style which is good for environmentprotection, such as HP-series of Hot Coding Machine,Ink-wheel series and so on.Our products fit with many international packing machine of manufactories inthe whole over world.

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TEL:086-577-86670918    Fax:086-577-86660805