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Product Line
Ink wheel code printer(supporting the use of type)
A ribbon coding(supporting the use of type)
  ·Ribbon pneumatic type coder
The Tape printer(used alone)
Marked coder
Indentation coder
Shrink Packing Machine
Vacuum packaging machine
Pad Printer
  ·Electric Pad Printer
  ·Pneumatic Pad Printer
  ·Manual pad printer
Sealing machine
  ·Electric continuous sealing machine
  ·Foot Sealer
Filling Machine
  ·Bulls continuous filling machine
  ·Vertical Filling Machine
  ·Horizontal filling machine
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Welcome to our site. In order to further improve our company's various services, and strengthen the exchanges between the masses of customers, and we hope that you understand the real situation, a friend and a friend told me that the rating company's products, expectations, opinions and recommendations. Would you please your idea of the real situation and provide it to us. We will return to a better service, thank you for your support and help!
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